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High rise building wither SERVPRO logo in the center

Commercial Services

SERVPRO of The Main Line offers several cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to removing bio-hazard contaminants from commercial properties. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Don't be afraid to call for all your water, fire, or mold damages as well. 

flames with the SERVPRO logo

3 Ways to Stop a Fire

To extinguish a fire depends on the fire itself. Listed below are three examples on how a fire can be stopped.

  • Remove the fuel source by extinguishing it or taking the fuel source away. 
  • Remove the oxygen from the fire by smothering the fire.
  • Remove the heat by dousing the fire with water.
Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Services at SERVPRO

Did you know that in addition to water and fire damage restoration that SERVPRO of The Main Line offers residential cleaning services? Rugs and carpets can be cleaned in home or at the SERVPRO warehouse by our experienced technicians. Other services such as odor removal from couches or window treatments are also available. A clean carpet and furniture makes all the difference to a home and at SERVPRO of The Main Line we are here to help.

Indoor demo after storm damage

Retail Store Water Damage

A local retail business experienced extensive water damage after a storm ran through the area. The stores contents needed to be removed and walls demoed and dried from the water damage. Repairs were made and the store was back up and running in no time. 

deconstructed shed

Shed Demo

The SERVPRO team was called out for a contents removal after a property owners shed had been accidentally backed in to. SERVPRO of The Main Line was able to remove the contents and deconstruct the shed so that it could be hauled away.

Kitchen wall covered in mold

Kitchen Mold

A kitchen remodel turned south after a homeowner’s contractor removed their kitchen cabinets. Once removed, it was clear to see that the kitchen sink had been leaking for a period of time which allowed for the mold to grow into such a large area. In addition to the dry wall needing replaced, the tile flooring and sub flooring needed to be repaired and replace to ensure that the mold growth was contained. The kitchen was then cleaned and sanitized to confirm that this mold issue was cleared for the rest of the kitchen to be completed. New plumbing was added around the sink area for the cabinets and flooring to be installed without a worry of the leak returning. The kitchen remodel was completed and all signs of mold are gone.

Mold infested all over unfinished basement

Mold Infested Basement

Mold in a home is a very serious issue and at SERVPRO of The Main line our trained technicians are fully equipped in the mold remediation process to ensure a level of expertise that goes in to every job. The homeowner of the home pictured was not fully aware of the mold situation they had in their unfinished basement until further inspection by SERVPRO. The technicians were able to contain the area where the mold was found and provide air filtration to best clean the air of mold spores. Once the areas affected by mold were removed and cleaned properly the basement mold cleanup was completed.

Basement restored after fire damage

Basement Fire Restoration

After the cleanup process done by SERVPRO of The Main Line, the basement and the salvageable contents were cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected to best restore the belongings to pre-fire conditions. Repairs to the walls, wood framing, and to the electrical/ HVAC systems were then completed and the room ready for any further remodel.

Fire damage to a homeowners basement

Basement Fire Disaster

SERVPRO of the Main Line received a call from a homeowner with fire damage to the basement of their home. As pictured most of the wood framing, walls, and ceiling in the basement were charred and needed to be removed and replaced with new. The technicians at SERVPRO were able to use specialized equipment and techniques to remove the smoke and soot damage from the basement walls, ceiling, and other surfaces.

Standing water in a basement

Flooded Basememnt

Pictured is a local homeowners basement flooded with about 6 inches of standing water. When SERVPRO of the Main Line arrived, the technicians were able to remove inches of water and begin to dry out the basement. 

Clean up after a pipe burst

Pipe Burst in Glenmore

Pictured are SERVPRO water damage certified technicians hard at work removing wet plastered walls and ceilings from a Glenmore home. A second floor radiator had burst causing extensive damage which took our crew several days to clean up. The removal of all the wet materials before the drying equipment could be placed was necessary for the repair work to start. The owner was impressed by how efficiently our team worked and how experienced they were in removal of plaster on wood lathe, especially in a home with no heat.