Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling Collapse from Pipe Burst

A homeowner visited a vacant rental property to find that a pipe on their second floor had burst leaving water to disrupt the kitchen and living areas below. Th... READ MORE

Water heater Burst

Adjacent to the kitchen, a homeowner had a closet with the water heater and other household items stored. Early morning the water heater burst and rushing water... READ MORE

Undetected Damage

Water damage affected a homeowner’s kitchen and technicians at SERVPRO of The Main Line were called out to inspect the damage in the home. Unknowingly to ... READ MORE

Crawlspace Mold Growth

An ongoing moisture problem led to excessive mold growth in this crawlspace of a home. The mold growth was so severe that it rotted the wood in the crawl space.... READ MORE

Wet Carpet Removal

A homeowner in the area called SERVPRO of the Main Line with a potential water damage that affected the kitchen, hallway, and living room of their home. Technic... READ MORE

Leaky Dishwasher

SERVPRO of the Main Line received a call about a potential water damage in a kitchen from a homeowner’s leaky dishwasher. Once arrived, the technicians at... READ MORE

Dirty Air Ducts

Pictured is the main trunk line to an HVAC system in a Malvern home. When the new owners purchased this older fixer upper they noticed a strange smell every tim... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Basement

SERVPRO of The Main Line was called due to water damage in a homeowner’s basement. The technicians arrived and had no choice but to remove the carpet and ... READ MORE